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kashinosei's Journal

Please be reminded that YOU friended me, I'm in no obligation to friend you back. When did I ever state that I'd friend you back if you've friended me? And I don't remove anyone from my own f-list because I added them myself unless something happened. Don't go yelling "I'm angry that you don't friend me." Or more hilarious, "I'm angry you removed me from you friend list." Please look carefully if you are under MY friend list. How do I remove you when you aren't even on my list in the first place...? Find out how LJ works also. You friended that user, LJ doesn't automatically add you back into that user friend list unless that user adds you back manually. So act like an adult. Thank you.

Please note that I won't get annoy or upset if you unfriend me. Funny when people who don't friend me in the first place got annoyed when I unfriend them. Many of you friended me, though only a few read and commented. So feel free to UNFRIEND me. I won't bark.

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